Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire overseas healthcare assistants and care workers

With an increasing aging population in the UK and strict CQC compliancen, UK care homes are under immense pressure to provide quality

Will the Overseas candidate be experienced in health care

We run a rigorous screening process,in which we seek exceptional candidates who are qualified nurses and midwives and have served in hospitals and health care facilities for a number of years, therefore you can be satisfied that the candidates provided by WWC are experienced and qualified in the health care sector

What about DBS checks?

All our candidates go through police clearance checks in their country of origin which ensure there are no criminal convictions etc against them. Detailed Information is provided in this link

UK candidates go through various training, what about overseas candidates?

We at WWC have partnered with who provide various trainings such as :-


Fire safety awareness

Awareness of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Health Safety and Welfare

Learning Disabilities

Mental Health Conditions

And many More!

The training's are provided free of charge to the candidate by us, you can simply select the training's from you would like your candidates to complete.

Why shall I bother bringing International Care worker in the first place

Getting sponsor license is a straightforward process, we can put you in touch our preferred solicitors who can assist you with the whole process..(Speak to us for more information).

But we are not licensed to sponsor overseas care workers

Can i sponsor a carer to work in UK?

Yes, UK-based care providers can sponsor care staff under the Health and Care Worker route, provided they are approved by the Home Office to sponsor for this category of visa and that the job meets the relevant requirements under the immigration rules.UK-sponsors will need to have a sponsor licence, they will need to issue a valid Certificate of Sponsorship and they will need to meet various visa requirements relating, for example, to salary level.

Overseas candidates are usually very hard working and dedicated to their professions and the chances of overseas care worker staying in one job for long periods of time are highly likely as compared to the home candidate.