About Learngrain

Learn Grain is a UK based innovative start-up education consultant that aims to revolutionize university admissions for international students through the use of AI.

We at Learn Grain are working towards creating a more efficient and personalized experience for students seeking higher education abroad. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, the company seeks to streamline the application process, providing students with tailored guidance and insights.

Our principles

Student Centric Approach

brown wooden fence with blue and green wooden signage
brown wooden fence with blue and green wooden signage

Communication Clarity


At Learngrain, we believe every student deserves the chance to thrive. We advocate for their unique needs, learning styles, and aspirations, guiding them towards educational paths that ignite their passions and unlock their potential..

We communicate clearly, openly, and honestly. We break down complex concepts, answer questions with empathy, and celebrate achievements together.

We believe in the power of teamwork. We partner with students, families, educators, and other stakeholders to create a harmonious learning ecosystem where everyone's voice is heard and everyone contributes to student success.

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